315th day: Suit-up & Live Your Dream


I still felt scared, yes, scared, in the second time going to the Career Expo in my University. Of course, less scared than I did the first time, but still. I have prepared for a year, both widened my knowledge and improved my soft skills, tried my best to take every chance I have in PR and event planning area. But it still seems not to be enough.

However, someone has said “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. My dreams do scare me, so it’s a great thing. I strongly believe I have been doing great jobs, but Anh, try much harder!

To be honest, I hate wearing my vest. It is hot and makes me look 10 years older. I understand that people judge you by your clothing (well, most of these pre-judgments are wrong, ironically), and you don’t want to have a bad impression on the recruiters. But dress-code should be based on your major and the position you want to apply for. I am communication student; I am supposed to look active, lively and enthusiastic, not serious and cold as accounting students (no offensive). If one day I can be an employer, I would hire those who wear dress up but still have stylist, pony tail, red business skirts or trending shoes for example.

Suit-up, be professional but in your very own way!


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